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Amalfi Coast Weddings testimonials
"... our open-air wedding in Positano was absolutely fantastic, and the arrangements leading up to it worked like clockwork ... " read more
" ... wow - what a fabulous time! A total dream wedding, everything we'd imagined and fantasised about ..." read more



" ... once again, thank you for all of your assistance at our wedding on 4 August. It was beautiful and we both enjoyed every minute of the day and every minute of our trip to Italy. In fact we were so overwhelmed by Positano that we cut short our trip to Rome and travelled back to Positano to spend a few more days there. Kind Regards Lee Keane"


" ... our open-air wedding in Positano was absolutely fantastic, and the arrangements leading up to it worked like clockwork. We are very pleased with the service provided. Despite short timescales, everything was organized with a minimum of fuss, and we also felt that we received excellent value for money. That about sums it up really! Mrs D'Amato was extremely professional, and also very helpful and charming. Thank you for all your help. I have already recommended your service to two people, and will continue to do so! David and Sarah"


" ... Well, I have no complaints as to how our wedding was planned because everything was simply perfect. Everyone was so kind, and like you said, we really had to show up and get married. Of course I worried a bit because I've never done this before but everything ran smoothly. Positano is a beatuful place to get married in, and the photographer took us to wonderful locations to take pictures. Bruno was kind, and he mentioned something about stamps, but I didn't know what he was talking about, but he said he had the stamps on him anyway, so not to worry. Again Martina, thanks so much for everything. We ended up eating at Palazzo Murat on our wedding day because we tried La Pergola the night we got there and loved it but wanted to try something else on our wedding day. But we ended up peating at La Pergola like 3 more times. :)If any of my friends want to do as John and I did I would highly recommend your company to them. I actually I have a friend's wedding tonight, and she is practically ripping her hair out because she is so stressed out, but I'm so happy we did it this way. Now we can relax, and celebrate with family and friends soon in a Chinese wedding party with lots of food and dance. Since we are a mixed couple, I thought it would be nice to get married in Italy, since John's grandparents were from Italy, and since I'm Chinese, we'll balance it out with a Chinese party. Well THANKS AGAIN FOR MAKING OUR WEDDING DAY A PERFECT ONE! Thanks, Melissa :)


" ... we have arrived back in Melbourne after a wonderful five weeks on holiday and are finally settling and getting over the jet lag. I am writing to express to you are sincere gratitude for the amazing role you played in organizing our wedding. I must say at first I was a little skeptical and thought not having met you and organizing the whole thing via email would provide some issues on the day. How far from reality this was. Your attention to detail and the level of service provided by all involved on the day was utterly amazing. Every element of our experience exceeded expectation and our guests were truly blown away by not only the amazing location but the fabulous event. We are truly grateful for the excellent service that you provided. Please pass on our special thanks to:

  • The English speaking celebrant who spoke with such beautiful words and sincerity
  • The photographer who not only took beautiful photos but delivered them to us within 24hrs so that we could leave Positano with them
  • The musicians who played beautifully and provided the atmosphere for the whole event and were so obliging in taking requests from our Italian relatives
  • The La Pergola Manager and employees who went above and beyond in ensuring that everyone was satisfied all night. The food was exquisite and the service outstanding. We felt as though they truly cared about making it an amazing night

I have also attached a couple of photos for you. Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts it truly was a day neither us or our guests will ever forget and we couldn't have done it without you. Penny and Michael Locaso"


"... Your service was outstanding! We have friends and family scattered all over the country and trying to find a place that would be convenient for everyone was impossible. So we decided to get married in Italy, then come back and have a party. We had a fairly short time to plan the trip and without your services we could never have done it. We wanted our wedding to be fun, easy, and as stress-free as possible and your assistance made everything run smoothly. The email and phone correspondence answered our every question and your staff in Italy was on time, organized, and efficient. While we were at the U.S. Consulate in Florence we came across a couple that was trying to do everything on their own. Listening to their experience made us further appreciate the investment in hiring a good planner . We could focus on our trip and having fun instead of the wedding details and paperwork. And it was an amazing trip! We absolutely loved Positano. Thanks again for all your help. We wouldn't change a thing about the entire experience. Sincerely, Brian and Suzanne - Ashburn, Virginia, USA"


" ... Thank you very much for all your help in arranging the perfect wedding day for Phill and myself. We had a wonderful time and everything was great. Positano is a beautiful place and the people are so friendly. We had a very special time - so thanks ;-)"


" ... We just arrived home yesterday and I am still a little jet lagged. Everything went very well. We loved Ravello and the Villa Cimbrone. We only wish we had stayed longer. Also, we would be happy to be used as email contacts for future couples. Anna was very helpful and welcoming and Enzo was a wonderful photographer. I ran into him quickly the day after the wedding and he showed me a few of the 500 pictures he took. He went above and beyond the expectations. Hope all is going well with you and thank you again for all of your help -Natalie"


" ... we're home, and ......... wow - what a fabulous time! A total dream wedding, everything we'd imagined and fantasised about - and I am a highly demanding woman who isn't easily impressed (yeah, yeah - you mean there are other types of women?!!) When, for various reasons, you decide to get married abroad you entrust an incredibly special day of your life to a complete stranger (who you'll never meet!!), who runs a business you only read about on the internet (which could be pure fabrication!!), in a faraway place that looks incredible (but hey, the photos could just be staged, ultra flattering angles and locations!!) - if you stopped to think about it too long, or didn't have a hugely positive, optimistic outlook, you'd never even consider this as an option............and that would be your tremendous loss. Positano is great - massively picturesque and full of happy, attentive Italians and tourists. Yes, it's full of quirky little tourist shops, but the Mulina Verde (sp?) cafe is 'real' and used by locals and visitors alike. The Hotel Marincanto is in a fabulous position and even though it's only a four star, we think it measures up against the Sirenuse and Murat just fine.....that view......the terraces.......private steps to the beach.......and no overdone rococo decor! Italian minimalism! Enrico (the hairdresser) is unspeakably cute and despite a lack of English (only surpassed by my lack of Italian - I only know the words 'rotoli di carta d'igneico' (toilet roll, btw) - the only thing I'm not prepared to mime!!!) he has a special book of wedding hair pictures which makes the whole episode totally painless - and he did a fab job. I felt like a princess!

Andrea (the celebrant) is (unbelievably) cuter than Enrico.....and what a lovely chap - impeccable English, mixed with our relatives, made small talk and then conducted a super ceremony - he didn't even get phased by us running a good 45 minutes late! The flowers were lovely..... The best bit? Walking through the village to your venue and after your vows doing the 'photo-shoot' wherever Mauro thought would look great. If you're a shrinking violet, be warned, you won't like it.......however, if you feel on an incredible high, that you're marrying the most wonderful man in the world, wearing a fabulous dress, in a pair of shoes SJP would kill for, and love full on attention with everyone around you looking at you and the locals calling 'A guri' (ok, no idea how to spell this.....and can't find anything helpful on the translation web sites that abound!) which is their wish for luck in your marriage - you'll love it! The closest thing to being on the red carpet and pretending to be a superstar!! Overall, we were delighted with all our arrangements - and it is a huge weight off your mind (particularly for control freaks like me) to have spot on organisation, the itinerary with the tele nos. on it and to feel confident that a competent, attentive individual who knows and understands what you want is on hand and watching over you! Thank you for your part in our fabulous day. Feel free to use any of these comments or ideas - and good luck with your business! What a fab job you have, making people's dreams come true! Andrew and Louise Allison xx"


"My apologies for last week i was hetic at work and didnt have the time to answer your questions.Oue thoughts and views of our wedding in Positano are as follows....We would first like to thank your goodself Martina for all your help and views in arranging our special day in Positano your kind help has been greatly appreciated by all . Positano is a truly enchanting gem located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. An enterning Positano you become aware that you are about to be part of the oasis of serene beauty and Happiness which is reflected on the faces of the locals. The locals welcomed us with open arms and adopted us as one of their own. Our Wedding Day was a truly amazing experience, the journey to the church made us feel like we were the stars of the oscars ,the tourist along with the locals stopped us to take pictures and admire our atire ,shouting cheers of well wishes, as we strolled down the narrow cobbled pathways to the church. The Priest was fantastic and made us feel so comfortable and banished any nerves with his kind words of Wisdom. A must to have at your wedding are the sounds of the organist together with the soporano who preformed amazingly well .Our photographer Maurio had some great ideas for the ultimate wedding pictures some of which were taken on the beach more in the church and alot by the waters edge a little scary in a wedding dress but wonderful never the less.Our wedding assistant on the day was giovanna who was so warm and charming and nice to us. Our wedding reception was held in one of the most truly fairytale settings,As we entered the Hotel Palazzo Murat the courtyard was the location for our champagne reception our guests were sernaded to the sounds of a mandolin and gituar player as they enjoyed their drinks . We then proceeded to the private botanical gardens located in the hotel the setting was so wonderful we relished the foods and delicious wines on offer with a back drop of the Church of the Santa Maira Assunta where we had got married who could ask for more .

They provide a very professional Wedding Co Ordinator service. Our wedding assistant was Martina Gloazzo who gave us contant e-mail updates and was very willing to help us out if we or any of our guests required any further details right up to our departure to Italy .Our wedding program was an integral part to help our plans go smoothly this too was done out by our assistant .

Overall both Willam and I would like to recommend for all your wedding needs and being prefectionists, they totally lived up to our expections . We dont mind if you would like to us our comments for your website . If you require any further information just e-mail me and i will be happy to help Regards Denise and william."


" ... our wedding day was just wonderful. I loved the salon where you made me an appointment - the ladies who worked there were so friendly and helpful, and they took so much time on my hair. The style came out exactly as I had imagined, and I don't think it's ever looked so good! They were even able to get me some last-minute fresh flowers to go with the hairstyle when I requested it. Everyone thought the Palazzo and its garden was beautiful. I liked that it was secluded from the street by its wall and garden. The courtyard where the ceremony took place was perfect - you can see the gorgeous building of the hotel and the town, and are surrounded by luscious plants and foliage - and just what I had envisioned. Gio was incredibly helpful and went out of her way to make sure we had everything we needed, and she conducted the ceremony very well. I though everything was simple and elegant, just as I had wanted it to be, and went off without a hitch. Afterwards, she and our photographer took us all over Positano for wedding pictures. I was impressed with our photographer - he really was enthusiastic and went all out to find the best spots for pictures! It was an adventure going all over town to find good places to pose, with everyone congratulating us on our wedding as we walked around! They even convinced a storekeeper to let us pose on her balcony. The food was great - we were served prosecco and snacks in the courtyard, and for dinner the restaurant prepared a table for us on a terrace with heat lamps since the night was a little chilly. The staff at the restaurant was very attentive and did a wonderful job. The cake was gorgeous, too - I loved the fresh white roses on top of it. We took several pictures of it before cutting it! All in all, it was a magical day. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and I appreciate all your help in arranging everything! I really feel we picked the most beautiful spot in the world to get married. Please feel free to use my comments as a reference or on your website! Ciao! Amy Dodgen"


"... We had an absolutely wonderful time in Italy and both wish we were still there. Paul and I wanted to thank you very much for the organisation of our wedding day. Everything went perfectly on the day, even the weather. The restaurant was fabulous. The food was wonderful, the table settings were lovely and the staff were also extremely attentive. Both of the translators that you organised for us at the Embassy in Rome and in Positano were efficient, punctual and extremely friendly and helpful. The wedding photos were received on Monday and we are very happy with them. We would also strongly recommend staying at Buca di Bacco. The hotel was beautiful and perfectly situated and the staff went out of their way to be friendly and helpful. Thank you again for all your help in making our wedding day so perfect and memorable. We would definitely recommend your company to others. Warm regards, Melanie and Paul."


"We've been away for the last few weeks hence the delayed response. Firstly, Many Thanks for all your help planning our wedding. We had a perfect day. The church of San Pietro was exactly as we imagined and of course, the views around Positano are breathtaking. It's a stunning location. I would imagine that the official photographs will capture many of the wonderful emories. When do you think we'll receive them? The wedding co-ordinator in Positano also deserves special praise. She was great - she made everyone feel very much at ease and ensured that everything ran smoothly. She also did a good job keeping our 18 month old daughter entertained.......not easy when shes tired & grumpy!Fr John turned out to be very amicable. He pretty much allowed our priest to do everything (he stayed in the background and having witnessed our vows he declared the marriage official). All the worry and confusion beforehand was for nothing! We had a nice time at the hotel Murano. On the day of the wedding we had a champagne reception there before going for dinner. As you know, we booked our own restaurant - Lo Guaracino. It was excellent - yet another stunning location. The food was super - and there were no problems ordering from the full menu. We were very impressed. I certainly would have no hesitation recommending your service to others! Regards, Ruth"

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