Amalfi Coast Weddings in Positano  
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Amalfi Coast romantic weddings

Positano offers many ideal reception sites for small or large events, medium or high budget, traditional or international cousine. We help you choose the right venue sending photos, links, sample menus on your price range. Contact.
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The PEARL of the Amalfi Coast: WEDDINGS IN POSITANO, Italy

Outdoor civil wedding in Positano

Civil marriages are performed in the local Mediterranean town hall of Positano. Possibility of a beautiful wedding overlooking the sea. Spectacular views. In case of r**n the ceremony is performed inside the marriage hall of Positano, a lovely white hall with windows opening to the panoramic terrace. Music and flowers can be chosen at your desire.

civil wedding in Positano

A sunset civil wedding in Positano

Civil weddings can be arranged also very late in the night (11pm) giving the unique chance to celebrate a sunset wedding in late afternoon or a moonlight wedding in Positano after 9.30pm. The municipality offers this unforgettable gift but applies an extra cost of about Euro 1000. Contact us!

sunset wedding in positano

Catholic weddings in Positano

Positano has two beautiful churches ideal for small intimate events or grant weddings. The chapel on a high rock overlooking the sea is one of the most delicious churches on the Amalfi Coast. Plenty of light with an impressive glass window! The other church is the great Duomo located in the very heart of the town. Contact us for more information and photo.

catholic wedding in positano

Symbolic weddings in Positano

If you are already married, if you do not want to go over the legal paperwork or if you simply want some incredible photos to keep as memory from your honeymoon, we suggest a symbolic wedding in beautiful gardens, terraces or a beach wedding on the Amalfi Coast. Contact us for more information.

symbolic wedding in positano

Religious no catholic blessings in Positano

It is allowed the use of the local churches for no-Catholic weddings such Baptist, Luteranan, Anglican or other protestant denominations for very special requests that we will bring to the local Catholic Curia. No-Catholic weddings can also be celebrated in gardens, villas, terraces or hotels. Protestant blessing can also have legal value upon request. Contact us.

religious blessings in positano

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