Catholic wedding

Breathtaking sea views and stunning artistic masterpieces for an unforgettable catholic wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Just imagine… the romantic feeling of the splendid sea of the Amalfi Coast… a warm sun, breathtaking sea views and the most friendly atmosphere ever… and the most splendid churches and locations for an unforgettable ceremony… wouldn’t a catholic wedding on the Amalfi Coast just be an actual dream come true?

Rich in history and artistic masterpieces, organizing a catholic ceremony on the Amalfi Coast truly is a one-of-a-kind experience: once a very important maritime Republic, the wealth of this splendid area can still be felt and admired in its marvelous churches and religious buildings. 

And you will just be spoilt for choices when selecting your preferred church for your romantic catholic wedding on the Amalfi Coast! From the lovely city of Ravello, plunged into a fairytale natural setting and taking your breath away with splendid scenic views of the city, the fabulous Cathedral of Ravello offers a very elegant, yet awe-inspiring setting for an unforgettable wedding. The fascinating church nestled in a high cliff is no less beautiful and romantic for an unforgettable ceremony!

The majestic cathedral is the true symbol of Amalfi’s power as a maritime Republic: dating back to the 9th century, this impressive building is characterized by a fascinating Arab-Norman look, and embellished with rich decoration both on the façade as in the interiors. The impressive flight of steps is a true trademark to this fabulous building, and an unforgettable setting for the loveliest wedding photo shooting!

And the marvelous city of Positano will just take your breath away with its marvelous church… located directly on the beach! Dating back to the 10th century, this marvelous religious building is easily recognizable through its splendid dome: a fabulous setting for an unforgettable wedding on the Amalfi Coast! And in some of the smaller cities throughout the Amalfi Coast you will find some of the loveliest hidden treasures for a special wedding ceremony with no equals!

And your wedding planner at Amalficoastweddings will assist you with every detail for your unforgettable catholic wedding on the Amalfi Coast: from paperwork to decoration, from mass booklets to transportation, every detail will carefully and professionally be taken care of, always respecting your vision, wishes and budget! Check with your wedding planner which solutions could suit you better for your romantic day on the Amalfi Coast!

Planning a catholic wedding in Italy requires some paperwork to be collected and provided to the local church authority within established deadlines. Do not worry though: your wedding planner will be at your side to help you keep track of all due dates and scheduled appointments: through an easy, step-by-step assistance you will always feel everything is under control! Your wedding planner will provide you with a detailed calendar and document list, and act as your intermediary with the local church authority when needed.

In order to get married with a catholic wedding ceremony, at least one of the spouses has to be fully catholic, that is to say he or she has performed all required sacraments (i.e. baptism, first communion and confirmation).

For your catholic wedding on the Amalfi Coast you will of course have the possibility of benefitting of a musical background of your choice: only sacred or classical music played by unplugged instruments or singers are allowed during a catholic ceremony. At Amalficoastweddings we will be happy to help you choose the best solutions as far as musician and music pieces are concerned, to match your preferences and wedding vision while complying with the requirements demanded by the church where your special day will take place!

Simon and Cathy
"I am at last sending the long awaited email to try to properly thank you for all that you did for..."
Karen and Nicholas
"Karen and I both want to thank you for all of the work you had done for us throughout the wedding..."
"Karen and I both want to thank you for all of the work you had done for us throughout the wedding planning phase.  Without your dedication and attention to detail, which was truly remarkable, we aren't sure we would have been able complete the marriage license and ceremony process.  But..."
A special wedding by the sea

A special wedding by the sea

Discover the beauty of a special wedding with the splendid maritime backdrop of the Amalfi Coast! Positano, Ravello, Amalfi and Sorrento will just take your breath away!.
The perfect wedding destination is waiting just for you!

The perfect wedding destination is waiting just for you!

The splendid Positano, with its outstanding beauty and marvelous feeling...the romantic Ravello, where natural landscape and fabulous sea views blend to perfection... the amazing city of Amalfi and the special Sorrento... welcome to your dreams!.
Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations

Surrounded by a fabulous setting of imposing cliffs falling sheer onto the sea, the beauty of the Amalfi Coast will just amaze you for your special day! We are at your side to help you with every detail for your wedding!.
Special civil wedding with sea views

Special civil wedding with sea views

A fabulous terrace looking onto a sapphire sea... a special garden cantilevered between sky and sea... a stunning church set against a marvelous maritime landscape... discover the loveliest setting for a special wedding without equals! .
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