Civil wedding

A breathtaking civil wedding on the marvelous backdrop of the infinite sea

Getting married with a civil ceremony on the Amalfi Coast can be an actual dream come true! A true favorite among the possible wedding ceremonies, a civil wedding does not imply any religious vow and will have a legal value in your home country as well. A civil wedding on the Amalfi Coast is in fact legally binding in any country recognized by the Italian government.

Even though this kind of ceremony does not entail any sort of religious blessing, couples are allowed to personalize the ceremony by adding readings and personal vows. A civil wedding is performed by a public officer in a municipal office or other authorized civil wedding location. In most Italian region, the civil wedding location can therefore be relatively simple: this is not the case on the charming Amalfi Coast, where you can get married with a civil wedding, while enjoying the most beautiful backdrops of this splendid maritime destination!

The marvelous civil of Positano allows in fact civil weddings to take place outdoors, on the marvelous municipal terrace, offering stunning views of the magnificent sea and coastline: much beloved also because it offers the possibility of getting married during the late afternoon, sometimes even by sunset, Positano is the ultimate choice for a very special civil wedding on the Amalfi Coast!

The lovely and romantic city of Ravello will just take your breath away with its splendid civil wedding location: just imagine, a fairytale garden where lovely scents, agreeable shaded areas and a breathtaking maritime scenery in the distance…  wouldn’t this just be a splendid setting for a special civil wedding?

In order to celebrate a civil wedding on the Amalfi Coast, you will have to follow a specific procedure, collecting and preparing the needed paperwork to make sure your wedding is legally valid. Procedure and paperwork vary according to your country of origin: that’s where the team of wedding planners at Amalficoastweddings comes into play! We will help you throughout the process and assist you with every step: your wedding planner will provide you with a list of all needed documents, helping you keep up with all due dates with a schedule that will be put at your disposal. We will help you arrange any needed appointment with local town halls, consulates or embassies when required, and we will make sure that you always have all the assistance you need at each point of the wedding planning process.

The ceremony for your civil wedding on the Amalfi Coast consists of a set number of Italian Civil Code articles concerning marriage being read by a civil officer: the ceremony will then be completed with some traditional wedding vows. By law, civil wedding ceremonies must be celebrated in Italian and translated piece by piece in the couple’s native language by an authorized interpreter. Even though the civil wedding must be performed in full according to a fixed script, you can add your extra special touch to the ceremony with personalized readings and vows. Town halls require possible extra readings and vows to be provided well in advance, to check if these would fit eventual requirements and the wedding schedule.

A further requirement to make sure you can get married with a civil wedding on the Amalfi Coast, is the presence of two witnesses (required by law). These must not necessarily speak Italian and if you wish that two of your guests act as witnesses this will add to the feeling of such a special day – if you are looking for a special, romantic elopement on the Amalfi Coast with no guests, do not worry! Your wedding planner will be happy to provide you with two witnesses for your special day in Italy!

Your wedding planner will be at your side every step of the way: at Amalficoastweddings we will in fact guide you throughout the wedding planning process, to ensure every detail is under control and the whole event runs smoothly. We will help you step by step with all legal formalities and help you choose your wedding date so that it is not affect by public holidays or governmental buildings’ opening hours.

Thanks to a well-founded, more than ten-year-long experience in the wedding planning industry we can put at our brides and grooms’ service a solid know-how and a trustworthy assistance with all details: we are in direct contact with all competent offices and authorities and can help you establish a very quick and steady contact with your preferred town hall.

You will just be amazed at how a civil wedding on the Amalfi Coast can be amusing and easy! Your dreams are just a click away!

Michael and Suzane
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"I cannot begin to "thank you" enough for yesterday. It was THE most relaxing day ever, without a worry in the world! Everything from the on-time delivery of the flowers, to the hairdresser to the ceremony WAS seamless and perfect! Thank you for all you did to make our day magical! Janie"
A special wedding by the sea

A special wedding by the sea

Discover the beauty of a special wedding with the splendid maritime backdrop of the Amalfi Coast! Positano, Ravello, Amalfi and Sorrento will just take your breath away!.
The perfect wedding destination is waiting just for you!

The perfect wedding destination is waiting just for you!

The splendid Positano, with its outstanding beauty and marvelous feeling...the romantic Ravello, where natural landscape and fabulous sea views blend to perfection... the amazing city of Amalfi and the special Sorrento... welcome to your dreams!.
Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations

Surrounded by a fabulous setting of imposing cliffs falling sheer onto the sea, the beauty of the Amalfi Coast will just amaze you for your special day! We are at your side to help you with every detail for your wedding!.
Special civil wedding with sea views

Special civil wedding with sea views

A fabulous terrace looking onto a sapphire sea... a special garden cantilevered between sky and sea... a stunning church set against a marvelous maritime landscape... discover the loveliest setting for a special wedding without equals! .
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