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Weddings on the Amalfi Coast

Romance, sun, and the beautiful warm of Italy: live the feeling of a fabulous wedding on the Amalfi Coast 

A striking coastline of steep cliffs emerging directly from the sea… lush gardens cantilevered between the blue of sky and water… enticing scents of citrus and delicious food… a pleasant, mild climate and the warmth of people and sun, in the true land of the appealing “dolce vita” lifestyle… Amalfi Coast’s must-see-reputation as a top destination definitely comes as no surprise!

A sweet sound of waves beating the shore… a romantic sunset adding to the hues of the splendid skyline of gravity-defying colored towns… locking gazes with your beloved one while clinking glasses to a new life together… wouldn’t this just be perfect for an unforgettable wedding on the Amalfi Coast?

Hiding a true wealth of hidden treasures of rare beauty, Italy’s worldwide famous coastline is the most beloved destination for romantic getaways… Home to the finest and most beautiful hotels and restaurants of Italy, its picturesque hilltop towns perched on a breathtaking coast of sandy coves and rugged cliffs welcome the visitors to a marvelous, fairytale land… The freshest and most delicious seafood make this splendid area an actual gourmet paradise, that will please the most sophisticated tastes (as well as everybody’s sweet tooth!).

The terrific beauty of its dramatic coastline magnetizes visitors from all over the world, as it has captivated travelers for centuries… Nowadays recognized as a World Heritage Site, the legendary beauty of the Amalfi Coast inspired in the past the greatest musicians, poets, writers and artists: surrounded by so much beauty and special feeling, your wedding on the Amalfi Coast will just take your breath away!

The majestic cliffs holding up against the roaring sea hide a treasure of hidden grottoes and beaches washed by turquoise waters… The romantic feeling of finding the most special scenic spots and hidden coves of this splendid area… a spectacularly picturesque setting awaits you here on the Amalfi Coast! Pastel-hued villages and towns cascade into the sea from the steep hillside, while flights of steps run along the rugged cliffs, in an actual labyrinth of alleys and hidden passages leading to the most beautiful outlooks… Could you think of anything more romantic?

All around, the fragrant scent of citruses and olive gardens, adding to the beauty of the spectacular scenery… in this generous land, fruits just taste so much better: intense flavors, beautiful colors, amazing scents… Fruit, vegetables, seafood, and the worldwide renowned buffalo mozzarella, are the heart of an outstanding gastronomic tradition, making this splendid area an actual gourmet getaway… No matter where you will end up celebrating your special wedding on the Amalfi Coast, you will just be certain, that setting and food will simply be… dazzling! Excellent wines and delicious fish dishes, savored in the most romantic locations with stunning sea views… romantic little cafés  and Michelin-starred restaurants… elegant villas and luxury hotels overlooking the splendid sea chanting from down below… an actual feast for eyes and palate, you won’t find a better setting for your romantic big day!

Worldwide famous cities and attractions will welcome you to your special day, making you feel as if you had entered a special fairytale… perched on steep cliffs emerging from emerald waters, the splendid Positano shimmers with lights and… starlets… a favorite destination of the jet set, this fabulous city offers many romantic spots where a wedding will find its perfect place… The dreamy mountain-high Ravello, looking down onto the sea from above 1.000 feet, with its lush, fairytale gardens floating above it all… the fascinating Amalfi and its grand cathedral, attesting a past of great splendor and power…

The skyline of these special cities has remained unaltered, looking just as it used to a century ago: a strict building code prohibiting modern construction, and the landscape, which isolated communities from one another for centuries, allowed to preserve appearances and traditions for centuries… you will just feel as if you had stepped back in time, when visiting the charming smaller villages perched on vertiginously high cliffs, and navigated by flights of steps that will lead you to the most scenic and romantic spots.

And yet, for your romantic wedding on the Amalfi Coast there is just so much more to see and discover: sea, scenic outlooks, romantic feeling and delicious food are not all that this splendid area can offer you… A favorite destination for scenic trekking tours among nature, scenery and coves, in this marvelous region, you will be able to tread the Path of the Gods, surrounded by the lush, fragrant vegetation, and swim in the crystal-clear waters of hidden grottoes, where Homer’s told were home to the Sirens…

Between legend and history, touristic offer and nature, sea and food, a wedding on the Amalfi Coast will just be a dream come true!

A dreamlike destination like no other, the stunning, colorful town of Positano will just take your breath away! Imagine a place so beautiful and...
A romantic garden with striking view on the marvelous Amalfi Coast: a wedding in Ravello is true poetry Discover the most lovely and romantic town...
"Thank you so much for making this possible for us. Ciao Federica ! Just want to let you know everything was fine in Ravello. The wedding ceremony, especially the interpreter (she was so nice), the photographer, they were so amazing. Thank you so much for making this possible for us. We hope..."
A special wedding by the sea

A special wedding by the sea

Discover the beauty of a special wedding with the splendid maritime backdrop of the Amalfi Coast! Positano, Ravello, Amalfi and Sorrento will just take your breath away!.
The perfect wedding destination is waiting just for you!

The perfect wedding destination is waiting just for you!

The splendid Positano, with its outstanding beauty and marvelous feeling...the romantic Ravello, where natural landscape and fabulous sea views blend to perfection... the amazing city of Amalfi and the special Sorrento... welcome to your dreams!.
Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations

Surrounded by a fabulous setting of imposing cliffs falling sheer onto the sea, the beauty of the Amalfi Coast will just amaze you for your special day! We are at your side to help you with every detail for your wedding!.
Special civil wedding with sea views

Special civil wedding with sea views

A fabulous terrace looking onto a sapphire sea... a special garden cantilevered between sky and sea... a stunning church set against a marvelous maritime landscape... discover the loveliest setting for a special wedding without equals! .
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