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Wedding Venues on the Amalfi Coast

Stunning locations and romantic venues… discover the perfect setting for your unforgettable wedding on the Amalfi Coast!

A strikingly fascinating coastline of great scenic beauty... a romantic atmosphere conjured up by the soft song of an azure sea twinkling from far below... the most beautiful beaches in the world and the sweetest and most fragrant fruits and gardens... a stunning scenery of scenic spots and hidden coves... Could you imagine a better setting for an exclusive destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast?

An actual gourmet and hospitality paradise, this utterly romantic region is undoubtedly among the most beloved and renowned destination for romantic holidays, special honeymoons… and unforgettable weddings!

Just imagine… romantic restaurants with stunning views onto the fabulous turquoise sea… luxury cantilevered hotels perched on high cliffs, elegant villas surrounded by fragrant gardens and looking onto a sapphire sea… When choosing your ideal wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast you will just be spoilt for choice! Top-notch service, elegant spaces, delicious fish and seafood dishes… and the most perfect and beautiful maritime landscape ever… A wedding on the Amalfi Coast can be an actual dream come true!

Amalficoastweddings helps you find the perfect location for your special day: just close your eyes and imagine how your big day should look like… Picture to yourself the feeling and atmosphere that you would like to experience… An elegant villa with stunning view? A luxury hotel with grand splendor and hidden scenic spots? A romantic restaurant with a friendly, carefree atmosphere? In this special romantic paradise, you will just find something to suit everybody’s tastes! Just let yourself be guided by your wedding planner, who will assist and counsel you in this crucial choice: no matter how you’d like your special day to look like on the magical Amalfi Coast you will find the picture-perfect setting for a fairytale wedding with no equals!

Looking for a special location for an exclusive wedding on the Amalfi Coast? Wedding villas are the perfect choice if you are dreaming of a private, very special event with your nearest and dearest staying in a location booked for your wedding party only. Classy and picturesque, these villas are actual jewels scattered along the mighty cliffs plunging onto the sea.

Remarkable hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and imposing castles are an excellent choice for a first-class wedding to be remembered: a luxury destination for elegant events, the marvelous Amalfi Coast is just as fitting for a romantic elopement! Lovely restaurants blessed by a breathtaking view and offering excellent food and wine will be the perfect setting for a romantic dinner for two, or for a special intimate dinner for smaller weddings with your closest friends and family. 

Much renowned for its splendid historical villas with looking onto the glittering sea, the Amalfi Coast has always been a favorite destination among artists and lovers, who found in the stunning rugged yet sweet landscape of this unique coastline a mirror to their deep feelings… The stylish Positano and its splendid, colorful skyline; the romantic Ravello with its scented gardens and stunning cliffside views; the beautiful Sorrento and its lovely genuine feeling; the elegant Amalfi, with its fascinating history and rich legacy… Villas and castles, hotels and restaurants… the loveliest sun-kissed wedding venues and the most spectacular sea views await you for your unforgettable wedding on the Amalfi Coast!

Let us help you find the perfect wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast: whatever your wishes, wedding vision or needs, this splendid destination will unveil its hidden treasures for your special day in Italy!

Wedding Villas
A fairytale setting for an unforgettable day on the Amalfi Coast Making a dream wedding come true is just the loveliest occasion ever:...
Wedding hotels
Marvelous sea views and the most romantic, warm atmosphere: live your dreams with a wedding on the Amalfi Coast  Just imagine the...
"Your attention to detail is what made us decide that this was the right wedding planner to choose. Our trip to Italy was already planned and booked before we decided to get married. We had about two months before the trip and realized that getting married in Italy with just the two of us on the..."
A special wedding by the sea

A special wedding by the sea

Discover the beauty of a special wedding with the splendid maritime backdrop of the Amalfi Coast! Positano, Ravello, Amalfi and Sorrento will just take your breath away!.
The perfect wedding destination is waiting just for you!

The perfect wedding destination is waiting just for you!

The splendid Positano, with its outstanding beauty and marvelous feeling...the romantic Ravello, where natural landscape and fabulous sea views blend to perfection... the amazing city of Amalfi and the special Sorrento... welcome to your dreams!.
Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations

Surrounded by a fabulous setting of imposing cliffs falling sheer onto the sea, the beauty of the Amalfi Coast will just amaze you for your special day! We are at your side to help you with every detail for your wedding!.
Special civil wedding with sea views

Special civil wedding with sea views

A fabulous terrace looking onto a sapphire sea... a special garden cantilevered between sky and sea... a stunning church set against a marvelous maritime landscape... discover the loveliest setting for a special wedding without equals! .
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